We are part of e-commerce

DFL Transport supports the e-commerce industry, because we are a part of it. We focus on modern technological solutions and offer a wide range of services. In Western Europe markets, the percentage of consumers purchasing online is the highest of consumers making online purchases. 87% in the UK, 84% in Denmark and 82% in Germany in 2016. The German market is third in terms of volume of online sales.

The factors affecting the functioning of e-commerce are primarily the timeliness and effectiveness of service, where delivery means that the delivery is delivered on the same day!

Global E-Commerce sales

Our vehicles are on the move for you all over Europe.

We know that for online business finding an online buyer and conducting a sales transaction is only a half of the success. There is also effective delivery. Customer satisfaction translates into directly on their loyalty and hence on re-shopping in the e-store. Discover how effectively DFL Transport helps you to enable your online business.

We work to optimize logistics processes by focusing on the optimal use of vehicles and drivers work.